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Name:白鐘直斗 ⋅ Naoto Shirogane
Birthdate:Apr 27, 1995
CHARACTER INFO (for memes and the like)

Name (Western order): Naoto Shirogane
Gender: Female
Canon: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Canon point: Post Ultimax and the True Ending of Golden (but not the epilogue), ignoring Persona x Detective Naoto.
Age: 17
Character summary: A prodigy who began working as a private investigator at a young age, per both longstanding family tradition and her childhood dream. Cool-headed and polite, often to the point of being awkward, although she keeps her distance from people more by accident than design. The past year has shaken a lot of her assumptions about her own identity and future, which she is slowly coming to terms with.
Appearance: 152cm tall and slenderly built, with boyishly short dark hair and matching eyes. Habitually wears a binder and crossdresses, preferring long sleeves, trousers and other decidedly unrevealing clothes, usually in cooler colours such as blue. Adding to the image, she tends to affect a relatively deep, androgynous voice that only slips when she's surprised. Rarely seen without her signature navy blue cap. Aside from that, her fashion sense is somewhat formal and pseudo-Victorian, as if she was taken out of an old-school detective novel (which, to a large extent, is the point).

♦ I play this character as a cis woman
♦ Character's canon has gender and sexuality as major themes; if uncomfortable playing against this, please let me know
✓ Romance OK
✓ Minor injuries OK (nothing broken)
✓ Will try to backtag forever; let me know if I forget
✓ Cross-medium is fine
✓ Any writing style is fine
✗ Ask me about smut

This is an RP journal. Up-to-date muselist here.

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